Shared Equity

Discount Property Finders are offering investors an opportunity to increase their property portfolio by helping first-time buyers get on to the property ladder with our Shared Equity Scheme.

The government has introduced a Shared Home Ownership Scheme to help people who find it hard to save a deposit to purchase a property in the UK. This scheme allows first-time buyers to buy up to 75% of a property from a council or housing association. They then pay a mortgage on the percentage they own and pay rent on the percentage owned by the authorities.

Unfortunately only a few people qualify for this government scheme and there is a shortage of properties available to offer everybody.

Discount Property Finders Shared Equity Scheme

Discount Property Finders combines first-time buyers with a property investor to buy a property. They will both contribute to the deposit for the property.

This is a real alternative to buy-to-let investments. Instead of being a Landlord you will become a Co-owner and will not face the problems usually associated with renting out a property.
Our Shared Equity Scheme offers our investors:

  • No void periods
  • Lower deposit needed to invest
  • Home-buyers look after properties better than standard tenants (property will be in a better condition for resale)
  • Increase your property portfolio with little capital
  • Helping first-time buyers on to the property ladder
  • No maintenance cost, the occupier is responsible for all repairs & maintenance
  • Mortgage payments will always be covered

With our shared equity scheme you will have a tenant from day one and you never need worry about finding tenants for this property. Home-buyers are secure tenants and usually stay up to 5 years longer in a property than normal tenants.

How it works

First-time home-buyers will register their details with us outlining their requirements for an investor. This is usually the investment capital required and equity willing to share.
We will then check to see if they can receive a mortgage for the value of the property they desire. Once a mortgage in principle has been approved we will then ask our investors if they would be interested in co-buying a property with them.

When the home-buyer finds a property the property details will be presented to the investor for them to make their final decision about co-investing with this first-time buyer.

When an investor agrees, a legal document will be drawn up with a solicitor called “A Deed of Trust” to outline the responsibilities between the investor and the first-time buyer. This will need to be signed before the buying process can start. The Deed of Trust is a very important document as it protects both parties.

Buying a property with a first-time buyer can be complicated and not all mortgage brokers and solicitors understand the process. We have an experienced team dedicated in co-investment property purchases that will help you through your investment.

Register today for more information on co-investments with first time buyers and to view a list of our current co-investment property deals.

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