BMV Property Leads

BMV leads are people who are willing to sell their property below market value for various reasons. They have registered an interest to sell their property with or one of our sister companies for a quick sale. It is vital to act fast on every lead to secure the BMV price directly with the vendor.
We only offer leads to one person and will never resell or offer leads to another investor.

BMV leads are raw enquiries that need research and negotiation skills to secure that perfect deal. When you register with you will receive a FREE negotiation manual. This manual will outline all the techniques and questions you need to ask when you contact a vendor.

We offer three types of BMV Property Leads

1. BMV Leads

BMV leads are leads that have not been contacted by our team. When person makes an enquiry they are told a member of our team will be in contact very soon to discus the purchase of their property. You will be the first person to contact the vendor to negotiate a deal.

2. Qualified BMV Leads

Qualified BMV leads are leads that have been contacted by phone by our team and the vendor has agreed to sell their property below market value. These leads have a higher chance of converting into a deal.

3. FREE BMV Leads

FREE BMV leads are un-contacted leads that have not been sold after 7-14 days.
We will offer these leads FREE of charge if you agree to the follow our terms and conditions:

  • You agree to contact every lead you apply for from
  • Provide feedback about how you contacted the vendor within 4 days of requiring the lead
  • You are unable to receive another free lead if feedback from another lead is outstanding
  • You agree to create a BMV deal from the lead
  • You agree to pay 1% finders fee of the property price to if you purchase the property
  • You agree to offer the property to members if you are unable to purchase the property yourself and share any profits equally (50/50) with
  • You agree to pay £500 finders fee for every lease option
  • You agree to be polite, respectful and supportive to the vendors reasons for selling their property

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